Schedule of Classes (Current Semester)

View current and past schedule of classes.

Note: The current verison of the Schedule of Classes View was decommissioned on January 29, 2018. The new search function uses Banner XE. You can display up to 50 sections per page. Click on the cog wheel on the right hand side at the top of the display to select the columns that are displayed. You will now need to log into and select XE Registration. This feature is no longer available outside the portal.

General Education Sections


Note: Beginning Spring 2018, you need to use the "XE Registration" function to view General Education Sections. Click on "Schedule of Classes Search" link above. After selecting a term, click on advanced search. You need to search by attribute for specific general education courses. You can also search for General Education courses using the "Class Scheduler". To access the Class Scheduler, log into Click on the XE Registration Link on the Weloome page in the first column. Click on View Class Scheduler.



Schedule of Classes

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